Grassroots - The Minor Hockey Show
In the season's final show, Richard and Gregg review points brought up last week by Tom Renney about the looming novice cross-ice mandate from Hockey Canada. They wrap up with a call for listeners to get involved in minor hockey in any role they can. Thanks to the show's listeners for their support.
Hockey Canada President Tom Renney is the guest, discussing how best to adapt the game to younger children, specifically the looming change to novice hockey.
Richard and Gregg chat about a recent CAC survey, some interesting stats about small area games, and what people should look for in hockey schools.
It's the end of the season review show. Gregg and Richard discuss what coaches, parents and associations should reflect on once the season is over.
Following up on last week's show about coach interviews, Richard and Gregg discuss how a coach determines his philosophy as well as key points to remember about the interview experience.
Grassroots: It's coach interview and selection time. Bruce Pickard, V.P. of the Gloucester Rangers Associations, discusses their approach to both aspects.
This week's guest is Ken Campbell, senior writer for The Hockey News, who talks about his 2013 book "Selling the Dream" as well as development in Canada and the pressures in minor hockey to get somewhere.
This week, Richard and Gregg examine: Just because it's been taught doesn't mean it's been learned. But just because it's been learned doesn't mean it can be applied.
Richard and Gregg skate all over the ice in this show, chatting about HP field evaluations, paying AAA coaches, and then practice snobbery.
Richard and Gregg first discuss if they're practice snobs. Then they chat with former branch executive director Richard Sennott about his concussion experience.
Grassroots: So what really happened in Oshawa last weekend when Richard was a guest coach with Gregg's AAA team?
Grassroots heads to Vancouver to talk with Tom Oberti, president of West Vancouver Minor Hockey, about the new cross ice program mandated by BC Hockey for this season.
It's Christmas Eve Grassroots Summit as Richard and Gregg share a list of changes to the game they feel should be investigated.
Grassroots: In 1999, Hockey Canada held a summit to look at improvements to minor hockey. Richard and Gregg examine the summit's 11 recommendations and what's happened to each.
Richard and Gregg discuss the nuts and bolts of mentoring with Hockey Canada/OMHA facilitator and mentor Jim Mercer.
What goes into mentoring coaches? Richard and Gregg examine what's worked - and what hasn't.
Want to get your Development 1 coaching certification? You'll need a field evaluation done. Richard and Gregg dissect what it takes to pass.
Richard and Gregg examine the 10 recommendations presented last week by Queen's University's Prof. Jean Cote from his research paper.
Queen's University's Prof. Jean Cote discusses his recent research paper about participation in youth sport and its 10 recommendations.